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…I’d fuck him…

There’s a darker transition to adulthood for Thor. He starts to see the shadier side of the royal family. (Hemsworth)

Chris Hemsworth takes his daughter, India and other family members out shopping in Malibu, California - March 15, 2014

Chris Hemsworth - BTS Sneak Peek of Jimmy Kimmel YouTube Film [x]


#HQ - Chris Hemsworth attends the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter on March 2, 2014 in West Hollywood


Making Of: My look (and Chris) for 2014 Oscar BY ELSA PATAKY March.2.14

Hello friends! How are you? I hope you enjoyed the weekend. Mine is still very special. As you know, accompany Chris to the Academy Awards, the film gala. I know you are many who follow the show live with Glamour and I love watching the red carpet .

The two made ​​us very excited to go. The truth is that I thought I could not go because he believed that babies come before, haha … 

But in the end I go with my huge Tripon and a dress that I loved. I had recorrerme one showrooms par for finding the right dress. If it is difficult to find one for an event so imagine if you have a gut twins!  What I was clear was that the dress can adjust to the shape of the belly because it slims your figure a little while spacious dress have the opposite effect, you look even bigger than they really are.

The choice was an Elie Saab who have had to do in my size. I am delighted. It has a wonderful color and a nice line that suits my body and makes me feel very comfortable. 

Choosing shoes was easy, which are led Ursula Mascaro , gilded with some high heels, a bit risky, but Chris gripped well there is no problem …

It has always been said that actresses spend the previous week preparing for the Oscars. I do not know anyone who does. Perhaps most difficult is choosing the perfect dress. This may take you a couple of days. But overall the actresses who are nominated barely have time for more. Think they have had to go to the previous galas, which come Oscars time with very fair and quite tired. In the end, do what ever, makeup, styling and finishing touches to the dress at the last minute.

In my case I have not done much to prepare for the Oscars. During the week came a hairdresser to cut off some hair myself and Chris, and I also did the manicure.

Saturday was the last test of my dress and tuxedo Chris home. always tend to do the test together, and so we think of each other.

I tried again and chose the dress jewelry. It was hard because there was a lot of variety and they were all very nice. In the end I decided on these, two of which are vintage. Too bad you have to return them after …

I also chose a nice clutch the same color as the dress.

Today Sunday all started very soon. In my case, the makeup artist came to my house a few hours before (always come with time if you change something if you do not feel comfortable). most important thing is to have a good makeup artist in you trust and know that will make it very beautiful. They who make miracles!

Men of course do not need even half time that we to get ready. Chris has been fixed in half an hour … When they’re ready to go comes the worst part, because you have to be in the car a long time until And you get to get the dress does not wrinkle! The truth is that it is an impossible mission … One already has tricks … I spend my time lying on the seat … the truth is that when you get to the red carpet and see the “flashes” quiet breathing. You’re thinking about not stumble and you pass something in front of so many photographers … When I accompany Chris in their events go very quiet since he is the protagonist , but when my turn to go to a premiere or a gala I’m always nervous. They are very nice live acts! Great time, live together is nice. I hope you have a happy week. 

A big hug!


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